This directory lists all ICETE-constituency theological schools globally, as well as other entities that are part of the ICETE family. The listings include any institution related to one of the eight associations that sponsor ICETE, whether that institution is accredited or non-accredited. Hence inclusion in these listings indicates nothing about accredited status. To determine accredited status for any institution, contact the relevant ICETE member association.

Bible College of Queensland, Brisbane
Harvest Bible College, Melbourne


College of Christian Theology, Dhaka


Phnom Penh Bible School, Phnom Penh


Hong Kong
Alliance Bible Seminary, Hong Kong
Bible Seminary of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
China Fraduate School ofTheology, Hong Kong
Ecclesia Bible College, Hong Kong
Lutheran Theological Seminary, Hong Kong
Evangel Seminary, Hong Kong
New York Theol Education (Hong Kong) Center, Hong Kong


Academy for Church Planting and Leadership, Bangalore\
Academy of Integrated Christian Studies, Mizoram
Acts Institute, Bangalore, Karnataka
AG Tamailnadu Bible College, Madurai, Tamilnadu
Agape College, Nagaland
Anderson Theological College, Akuluto, Nagaland
Andhra Pradesh Bible College, Hyderabad
Antioch Bible College, Chennai, Tamilnadu
Asia Antioch Seminary, Guwahati, ASSAM
Asia Evangelical College and Seminary, Bangalore, Karnataka
Asia Institute of Theology, Bangalore, Karnataka
Asian Col of Cultural Studies. Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh\
Bethel Bible College, Danishpet, Talminadu
Bethel Bible College, Purnalur, Kerala\
Bethel Bible Institute, Tamilnadu
Bethel Faith Spark Bible College, Coinbatore, Tamilnadu
Bethesda Bible Col and Mission Training Institute, Ponda, Goa
Bethlehem Christian Educational Centre, Kerala
Brethren Bible Institute, Pathanamthatta, Kerala
Buntain Theological Seminary, Calcutta, West Bangal
Calcutta Bible College, Calcutta, West Bangal
Calcutta Bible Seminary, Kolkata. West Bengal
Central Bible College, New Delhi
Chandigarh Bible College, Chandigarh
Chil Chil Theological Seminary, Manipur
Clark Theological College, Nagaland
Consortium for Indian Missiological Education, Bangalore
Crown Centre for Music & Theological Education, Nagaland
CORT Theological Seminary, Bhimli, Visakhapatnam
Doulos Bible College, Shillong, Meghalaya
Eastern Bible College, Dimapur, Nagaland
Ebenezer Bible College, Kerala
Ebenezer Theological Seminary, Kerala
Emmanuel Theological Seminary, Rajasthan
Evangelical College of Theology, Manipur\
Federated Theological Program of NE India, Nagaland
Filadelphia Bible College, Udaipur, Rajesthan
GFA Biblical Seminary, Kerala
Global University, New Delhi\
Good News Mission Bible College, Palyamcottai, Tamilnadu
Grace Bible College, Churchanbpur, Manipur
Hindustan Bible College, Chennai, Tamilnadu
India Bible College, Kumbanad
India Christian Bible College, Cochin, Kerala
India Full Gospel Bible College, Kolar Gold Fields, Karnataka
Indian Theological Seminary, Chennai, Tamilnadu
IPC Kottayam Theological Seminary, Kerala
Jehovah Nissi Theological Institute, Tamilnadu
Jubilee Memorial Bible College, Chennai, Tamilnadu
Karnataka Institute of Theology, Bangalore
Kerala Christian Bible College, Ayoor, Kerala
Kerala Theological Seminary, Kerala
Kohima Bible College, Nagaland
Kor-In Theological College & Seminary, Karnataka
Lakeview Bible College & Seminary, Chennai
Madras A.G. Bible College, Chennai
Madras Theological Seminary & College, Chennai, Tamilnadu
Maharashtra Bible College, Bodwad, Maharashtra
Malabar Theological College, Kerala
Manna Bible College, Hyderabad
Maranatha Bible College & Training Inst, Chennai, Tamilnadu
Maranatha Veda Patasala, Vijayawda
Maranatha Veda Patasala – Hyderabad, Hyderabad
Mission India Theological Seminary, Maharashtra
National Christian Theological College, Chennai
Nazareth Bible College, Manipur\
New India Bible Seminary, Pallickachira, Kerala
New Life Biblical Seminary, Kerala
New Life School of Mission, Andhra Pradesh
New Theological College, Dehra Dun, UA
Nichole-Roy Bible College, Shillong, Maghalaya
Nilgiris Institute of Christian Studies, Tamilnad
North India Bible Institute, AlwarPeniel
Bible Sem & Missionary Training Centre, Peniel Puram, Kerala
Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Dehra Dun, UA
Rajasthan Bible Institute, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Reformation Bible College, Dimapur, Nagaland
Research Centre for Theological Studies, Kerala
Servanthood Bible College, Chumukedima, Nagaland
Shalom Bible Seminary, Nagaland
Sharon Bible College, Kerala
Sielmat Bible College, Manipur
Soul Winning Mission Theological Seminary, Kerala
South Asia Inst of Advanced Christian Studies, Bangalore, Karnataka
South Asia Leadership Training & Development Centre, Madhya Pradesh
South India Biblical Seminary, Bangarapet, Karnataka
Southern Asia Bible College, Bangalore, Karnataka
Susamachar Theological College & Seminary, Madhya Pradesh
T.G. Oommen Institute of Theology, Kerala
The Association for Theological Education by Extension, Bangalore
The Salvation Army India HRD Department, Tamil Nadu
Trinity Bible School, Tamilnadu
Trinity Christian College, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Trinity College & Seminary, Seilmat, Manipur
Trinity Theological College. Nagaland
Trivandrum Bible College, Trivandrum, Kerala
Trulock Theological Seminary, Imphal, Manipur
Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, Maharashtra
Upper Room Bible College, Karnataka
Witter Bible Institute, Wokha, Nagaland
Yavatmal College for Leadership Training, Maharashtra
Zion Bethel Bible College, Tamilnadu


Great Commission Theological Seminary, Jakarta
Institut Injili Indonesia, Malang
Institut Theologia Aletheis, Lawang, Jatim
Sekolah Tinggi Alkitab Nusantara Jawa Timur, Jawa Timur, Malang
Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Intheos, Yogyakarta, Solo
Sekolah Tinggi Teologia Benita Hidup, Solo
Sekolah Tinggi Teologia Injili Abdi Allah, Jawa Timur
Sekolah Tinggi Teologia Injili Indonesia, Yogyakarta
Sekolah Tinggi Theologia "ATI", Anjungan
Sekolah Tinggi Theologia Iman, Jakarta
Southeast Asia Bible Seminary, Malang


Israel College of the Bible, Jerusalem
Jerusalem University Col/Inst of Holy Land and Studies, Jerusalem


Central Bible College, Tokyo
Kobe Lutheran Theological Seminary, Kobe
Osaka Christian College & Seminary, Osaka
Tokyo Biblical Seminary, Tokyo
Tokyo Christian Theological Seminary, Tokyo
Tokyo Christian University, Tokyo


Programme of Theological Education by Extension, Amman


ACTS, Seoul
Bek Seok University, Seoul
Chongshin University &Theological Seminary, Seoul
Hapdong Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Seoul
Reformed Theological Seminary, Seoul
Seoul Jangsin University, Gyunggido
Sungkyul University, Kyonggi-do
Taeshin Christian University, Kyung Buk
Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology, Seoul
Westminster Graduate School of Theology—Korea,, Seoul


Macau Bible Institute, Macau


Bible College of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia Bible Seminary, Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary, Penang
Royal Priesthood Bible College, Kuala Lumpur
TCA College, Malaysia, Petaling Jaya


Mongolian School for Theol Education by Extension. Ulaanbaatar
Union Bible Training Centre, Ulaanbaatar


Gospel for Asia Bible College, Yangon
Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology, Yangon
Reformed Theological College, Yangon
Union Biblical Seminary, Yangon


Kathmandu International College/University, Kathmandu
Nepal Ebenezer Bible College, Kathmandu


The Open Theological Seminary (PCTEE), Lahore
Zarephath Bible Institute, Rawalpindi


Alliance Graduate School, Quezon City
Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary, Tay Tay Rizal
Asia Pacific Theological Seminary-Philippines, Baguio City
Asia Seminary of Christian Ministries, Manilla
Asian Theological Seminary, Quezon City
Biblical Seminary of the Philippines, Valenzuela City
International School of Theology-Asia, Quezon City
Koinonia Theological Seminary, Davao City
Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, Baguio City
Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Dasmarinas Cavite


Asia Theological Centre for Evangelism and Missions, Singapore
Assemblies of God Bible College, Singapore
Biblical Graduate School of Theology, Singapore
East Asia School of Theology, Singapore
Singapore Bible College, Singapore
TCA College, SingaporeTung Ling Bible College, Singapore


Sri Lanka
Assemblies of God Bible College, Ja-Ela, Colombo
Baldaeus Theological College, Trincomalee
Colombo Theological Seminary, Colombo
Lanka Bible College, Peradeniya, Kandy
Life Bible Institute, Gangodawila Nugegoda


Central Taiwan Theological College & Seminary, Tai Chung
China Evangelical Seminary, Taipei
China Lutheran Seminary, Taipei
Great Commission Seminary, Kaohsiung
Holy Light Theological Seminary, Kaohsiung
The Methodist Graduate School of Theology, Taipei


Bangkok Bible College & Seminary, Bangkok
Lutheran Institute of Theological Education, Bangkok
Thailand Pentecostal Bible College, Bangkok


Gilgal Bible College, Sharjah


International Theological Seminary, Los Angeles CA


Institute of Bible and Theology, Ho Chi Minh