AETAL is an association of schools of theological education committed to the improvement of leadership training for the church in Latin America. AETAL has a membership of 144 members, from Mexico in the north to Argentina and Chile in the south.

AETAL is a member of the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE), a network sponsored by the World Evangelical Alliance. AETAL provides the evangelical theological institutions of Latin America with cooperative relationships of hemispheral and international dimensions.

The continental association was inaugurated at an historic assembly in São Paulo, Brazil, in July 1992, with 80 founding members. AETAL was established in direct succession to the former Evangelical Association for Theological Training (AETTE) that had functioned in Brazil since 1968.

Evangelical Protestantism has grown dramatically in Latin America in recent years, in some countries making up more than one-fifth of the population. But this has often been a fragile growth, that could wither and die as fast as it has sprung up. A major reason for this would be the weakness of leadership training programs. AETAL exists to help address this need on a continental basis.

AETAL's Services

AETAL offers the following services for evangelical theological schools in Latin America:

§     an accreditation program based on standards developed in and for Latin America, to prepare servant leaders in cooperation with local churches.

§     courses and seminars on curriculum, teaching, and theological issues

§     program for assistance to libraries and librarians

§     scholarships for faculty members

§     cooperative graduate programs

§     publications in support of evangelical theological education in Latin America

§     congresses at all levels (continental, regional and national), with timely topics and speakers of international stature.

AETAL Regions

To facilitate its growth and its accreditation and educational services, AETAL is subdivided into five regions:

Region 1 - Mexico and Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama)

Region 2 - Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador
Region 3 -

Region 4 - Southern Cone (Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile)

Region 5 - Peru and Bolivia

AETAL's Goals

1.  Provide interchange between centers of theological education in Latin America.

2.  Support the development of member institutions and promote excellence in these programs of theological education in order to offer an integral and committed education with the church.

3.  Through a permanent commission of accreditation, to offer recognition for biblical and theological institutions in Latin America, according to the standards established by the AETAL Accrediting Commission.

AETAL Declaration of Faith

We believe in:

1.  The inspiration and authority of the Holy Scriptures as the only rule of faith and of practice.

2.  The existence of God, one and subsistent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

3.  The eternal existence and deity of Jesus Christ, His human incarnation, His virgin birth, His expiatory death pn the cross, His intercession as sole mediator and His return in glory.

4.  The creation by God of the universe and of human beings in His own image and the subsequent fall of humankind and the universe because of sin.

5.  The justification of the sinner only by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

6.  The Church as the community of the saved in Christ Jesus.

7.  The work of the Holy Spirit in regeneration and sanctification.

8.  Life eternal in Jesus Christ, and the resurrection of the body, the judgment of the world by Jesus Christ, the eternal blessing of the just and eternal judgment of the unjust.

AETAL Board (2004-2007)

President:  Dionisio Oliveira da Silva (Brazil)
Treasurer:  Márcio Matta da Silva (
Secretary:  S. Eduardo Pellissier (
Vice-President, Region 1:  Ferdinand van den Bosch (
Costa Rica)
Vice-President, Region 2: vacant

Vice-President, Region 3: José Nilton Lima Fernandes (Brazil)
Vice-President, Region 4:  Roberto Maureira (
Vice-President, Region 5:  Daniel Ortiz (
At-large: Esteban Alejandro Laureano P.  (
At-large: José Antonio Moreno Gonzalez (

General Secretary Vera Brock (
Accreditation Coordinator Johannes Bergmann (

AETAL Contact information:

Rua Vergueiro, 3051
CEP 04101-300-São Paulo SP

[email protected]

fax :