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This directory lists all ICETE-constituency theological schools globally, as well as other entities that are part of the ICETE family. The listings include any institution related to one of the nine associations that sponsor ICETE, whether that institution is accredited or non-accredited. Hence inclusion in these listings indicates nothing about accredited status. To determine accredited status for any institution, contact the relevant ICETE member association.

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Democratic Republic of Congo

Universite Shalom de Bunia


Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology

Shiloh Bible College Ethiopia (SBCE) (Candidate status)

Evangelical Theological College

Maserete Kristos College (Affiliate)

Mekane Yesus Seminary

Ethiopian Full Gospel Theological Seminary (Affiliate)

Pentecostal Theological College (Affiliate)


International Leadership University(NIST)

Moffat Bible College

Africa International University ( NEGST)

Kima International School of Theology ( KIST) (Affiliate)

Africa Theological Seminary (Candidate status)

Scott Christian University (formerly Scott Theological College)

Friends Theological College (Candidate status)


Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary (Affiliate)


Evangelical Bible College of Malawi


LIFE Theological Seminary (Affiliate)

United Missionary Church of Africa Theological College (UMCATC) (Affiliate)

Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary

Sierra Leone

The Evangelical College of Theology

South Africa

Bible Institute of South Africa

South African Theological Seminary


African Christian College (Affiliate)


Theological College of Central Africa- TCCA

Justo Mwale Theological University College

Baptist Theological Seminary of Zambia (Candidate status)