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This directory lists all ICETE-constituency theological schools globally, as well as other entities that are part of the ICETE family. The listings include any institution related to one of the nine associations that sponsor ICETE, whether that institution is accredited or non-accredited. Hence inclusion in these listings indicates nothing about accredited status. To determine accredited status for any institution, contact the relevant ICETE member association.

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Nazarene Theological College, Qld

Reformed Theological College, Vic

Morling College, NSW

Brisbane School of Theology (formerly BCQ)

Sydney Missionary and Bible College, NSW

Adelaide College of Ministries, SA

Salvation Army College of Further Ed, NSW

Tabor College Vic

Tabor College WA

Bible College of South Australia, SA

Melbourne School of Theology (formerly BCV)

Perth Bible College, WA

Emmaus Bible College, NSW
Malyon College, Qld

Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies, Tas

New Zealand

Pathways College of Bible and Mission, Auckland

Laidlaw College (formerly BCNZ), Auckland

Carey College, Auckland

Papua New Guinea

Christian Leaders Training College, Mount Hagen

Republic of Vanuatu

Talua Ministry Training Centre, Santo