ICETE’s New Consultation Website

     ICETE has just launched a new website for its 2012 International Consultation for Theological Educators. Check it out now at: The website features latest information on the 2012 Consultation, a cool video, and details about logistics. Most importantly it includes a place where one may conveniently initiate the process for registering (see ‘C-12 Inquiries’).
     The Consultation is taking place 15-19 OCTOBER 2012 in NAIROBI, KENYA. As the only occasion of its kind bringing together leaders in evangelical theological education from all parts of the world, the event will provide participants with an unparalleled opportunity for peer interaction through a range of seminars, panel discussions, workshops, and roundtable discussions in areas of common interest. Participation is open to delegates from any theological school linked with one of ICETE’s member associations around the world, or representatives from any other entity formally associated with ICETE.
     The Consultation’s composite participation fee is US$750 per individual (covering registration, accommodation, and meals). However, delegates from institutions that are formally linked to one of ICETE’s member associations are eligible for a 50% discount on the Consultation fee. Up to two delegates from other ICETE-linked entities are also eligible for this discount. Travel and related expenses are the responsibility of the sponsoring institution or individual. Registration is already in progress. The process can be easily initiated on the new website, or one may contact the ICETE Consultation Directorate for instructions, at: [email protected] Be sure to include indication of the institution or entity being represented and its ICETE connection.

2012 Consultation Theme

     Under the theme Rooted! Engaged!, the ICETE 2012 Consultation programme is set to explore the relevance of the Cape Town Commitment for contemporary theological education globally. The Cape Town Commitment is the defining document emerging from the Lausanne Movement’s historic 2010 Congress. The document builds on the Lausanne Covenant of 1974 and the Manila Manifesto of 1989. John Stott played a principal role in the formation of both earlier statements. His ministry successor, Chris Wright, played a similar role for the Cape Town Commitment. Chris Wright will give the keynote address at the ICETE 2012 Consultation in Nairobi. Other leaders in global evangelicalism to address the event will include: Doug Birdsall, Executive Chair of the Lausanne Movement (LCWE), and Geoff Tunnicliffe, International Director of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA).

Expanding the ICETE Community

          ICETE is pleased to welcome three more international ministries to participation in the ICETE family as ICETE Associates.
     United World Mission’s Theological Education Initiative. UWM is a interdenominational mission with a history of involvement in theological education in the majority world. Recently this has been given added focus by establishment of UWM's Theological Education Initiative, designed to sponsor missionary scholars for teaching at theological institutions around the globe, "to provide evangelical theological education that is contextually relevant for equipping God's people to serve the church and society."
     Crosslinks. Founded in 1922, Crosslinks includes long-standing support of full-time staff at theological schools in the majority world, and bursaries for worthy students at select institutions. Based in the UK and working mainly within the Anglican tradition, Crosslinks was formerly known as the Bible Churchmen's Missionary Society (BCMS).
     World Reformed Fellowship’s Commission on Theological Education. WRF provides networking facilities and services for evangelical Reformed communities, institutions and individuals worldwide. This includes 45 theological schools, and numerous theological educators, many already functioning within the ICETE orbit. The WRF Theological Education Commission is the point of focus for WRF involvements with theological education worldwide.
     ICETE Associate status is available to entities that have the enhancement of evangelical theological education among their principal objectives. Other ICETE Associates are: the Evangelical Training Database (ETD); Global Associates for Transformational Education (GATE); One Mission Society (OMS); Overseas Council Australia; Resource Leadership International, Canada; ScholarLeaders International; the overseas theological education components of the Church of the Nazarene, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, and the Church of God (Cleveland); SIM International Theological Education; Theological Book Network (TBN); World Evangelical Theological Institute Association (WETIA); and Wycliffe International. ICETE also maintains a close formal partnership with Overseas Council International (OCI) and Langham Partnership International (LPI).

ICETE Doctoral Initiative

     ICETE’s 2012 Doctoral Consultation will be convening 13-14 October in Nairobi, Kenya, immediately preceding the ICETE International Consultation. The event is part of ICETE’s ongoing initiative to support evangelical doctoral programmes that have been emerging at leading evangelical theological schools in the majority world. Two exploratory events have already been held, bringing together a representative group of doctoral programmes from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. One met in Beirut, Lebanon, in 2010 and the other in Bangalore, India, in 2011. The initiative is meant to furnish such programmes with relational space for contact and collaboration, and to assist in devising guidelines for ‘best practice’. The 2012 event will be open to all evangelical doctoral programmes in the majority world, and to any other interested parties within the ICETE orbit. Inquiries may be addressed to: [email protected]

Applications Invited

     Langham Partnership International (LPI) is seeking to appoint a new International Programme Director for its Langham Scholars programme (LS). This programme, initiated by John Stott in 1969, has produced a global network of some 300 Langham Scholars, most of whom are in teaching and leadership roles in evangelical theological education in the majority world. LS is currently supporting about 80 men and women studying for doctorates in 10 countries.
     The person to be appointed as LS Programme Director will lead and direct the international team responsible for the selection, funding, academic review and pastoral care of Langham Scholars in various locations around the world. The new director will also provide strategic leadership for the future development of the programme, including: sustaining the benefits and potential of the Fellowship of Langham Scholars globally; investment in post-doctorate training, and mentoring of supervisors in majority world institutions that are developing doctoral programmes; also collaboration with other international agencies that are equally committed to the strengthening and resourcing of evangelical theological education worldwide.
     The new LS Director will be part of the LPI Senior Programme Team. He or she will be a mature Christian who holds an earned doctorate in a theological discipline and has understanding and experience of theological education in an international context. It is hoped to make an appointment by 1st July, 2012. The closing date for applications is 13 April 2012. For further information, a full job description, and details for application, please contact: [email protected]


     ICETE is a global community, sponsored by eight regional associations of theological schools, to facilitate collaboration worldwide for excellence and renewal in evangelical theological education. The eight sponsoring associations together cover all parts of the world, with a combined constituency of more than 872 evangelical theological schools in 113 countries. This represents globally a student population in excess of a hundred thousand persons presently in preparation for church leadership roles, predominantly in the majority world. ICETE was established in 1980, and functions as a Global Partner within the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA).

     “ICETE is among the most important networks within global evangelicalism, because it is helping to train leaders in the regions of the Church's greatest growth, and those are the regions from which evangelicalism's leadership will arise for the 21st century.”

Doug Birdsall
Executive Chair, Lausanne Movement (LCWE)

ICETE Sponsoring Associations—ACTEA (Africa); ATA (Asia); CETA (the Caribbean); EEAA (Europe); E-AAA (Euro-Asia); AETAL (Latin America); ABHE (North America); SPAEC (South Pacific)

ICETE Officers—Chair: Ralph Enlow (USA); Deputy Chair: Joseph Shao (Philippines); Director: Paul Sanders (France/Lebanon); Associate Director: Douglas Carew (Kenya); Deputy Director: Paul Bowers (USA/Africa)

ICETE Council of Reference—Rolf Hille (Germany); Emilio Nuñez (Guatemala); Chris Wright (UK); Wilson Chow (Hong Kong); Doug Birdsall (USA); Daniel Bourdanné (Chad); Peter Kuzmič (Croatia)

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